Holly Fulton


Holly Fulton is a British artist, born in Edinburgh. She has always been very purposeful and met all her targets. She is very unusual and different from other designers, as she has always said that the real happiness is work. I really like the prints on the clothes she makes and her extraordinary jewelry. To make these prints she uses materials like plastic, leather, fish skin, and Swarovski crystals. For her collection for the Fashion East competition she has made dresses with the prints of New York sky scratchers and plastic mosaic, this collection seems very complex and the use of colour makes it even a stronger piece. I also really like the way she presents her jewelry and clothes.

The architectural forms, sharp lines and bright colours inspired her to make her collections. She is now well known all over the world and that?s because when she came to the Lanvin designer, she was wearing a massive green jewelry piece, which she made herself, it showed all her skills and it was really extraordinary, that?s the reason why he helped her to start her own fashion career. At the beginning she was working with him, but then she opened her own brand and it became quite famous. 

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