TED Talkes: Suzanne Lee: Grow Your Own Clothes



Suzanne Lee is a fashion designer, she is creating a garment without using fabric, but just by using a simple green tea, sugar and microbes. This material can be used as a vegetable leather or a fabric. In this video she is showing and telling about her method of doing it, which doesn't seem very hard, even though the outcome is stunning. Because the bacteria is feeding on a sugar nutrients in the liquid it is sticks together and forms layers, so afterward you get a sheet on a surface, so you now have to get rid of the external water. She is also making patterns, using organic fruits and vegetables. What I like about her work is that it's organic and it actually looks like skin, what is quite intriguing. However, the bad thing about it is, that it is not ideal for everyday wear because it is water-resistant. Her concept is to produce something that gives quantity,quality and shape of the material that people really desire. As she says, it is also smart and sustainable addition to our natural resources.

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