Riedel Glass Company


Riedel is one of the few companies nowadays, which is still using an ancient mouth-blowing technique and this is what has made it popular all over the world. To blow the glass into different shapes they use a special blowpipe, which was first created in Rome 2000 years ago. It is very important to create a high quality glass, as it plays a huge role in the feelings of the customers, when drinking the wine from a particular glass.

The most exciting and interesting fact about these glasses is that depending on the shape and form of glass the wine has a different taste.

Based on the knowledge from the first person who has designed wine-friendly steam wear - Claus J. Riedel, the company still exists nowadays and has introduced the concept of grape-specific glassware.

I think the philosophy of the designer was to produce something unique and unusual compared to the other companies. Not being afraid to experiment: developing new techniques, but still sticking to the ancient method of mouth-blowing technique, which seems quite useful and not only makes the glasses look nice, but also makes the wine taste good.

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