The Devil Wears Prada


To be honest, this is one of my favorite films, because every time I watch it, it inspires me to do my work, to create something new and to have something to think about. I don't want to talk about actors or the scenario overall, what interests me the most is the way the film is presented, it reminds me of a Cinderella Story, as it also shows how the ordinary woman was working really hard to become more fashionable, to gain more knowledge in the fashion industry and meet all her targets. This film taught me to meet my targets and become more hardworking.

I like the clothes and all the styles in this film, how the main actress has changed, from an ordinary girl to a really beautiful and fashionable woman. I was also very interested to see the World of Fashion from the inside, see how the fashion magazine works and how people look like.

I find this film really inspirational, as it shows that if you try hard, all your dreams will come true!

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