Nikolai Gogol “Portrait”


"Portrait" is a book by a Russian writer, which I found really inspiring. It tells about the different art techniques and how an artwork can change someone's life. It is about the person, who bought the portrait and has wasted all his money on it. This portrait had a bad influence on other people, because after they bought it - they lost themselves and even some of them have died. The thing was, that when he has just started his artist career, he didn't have much money and was drawing just for himself, because he liked to do that, but when people started paying him for his artworks, it wasn't a pleasure for him anymore, the only thing that interested him was his money. The main concept of this book is to show that you don't need to loose yourself because of other people or factors like money. This book inspired me, as it not only tells an interesting story of a man's life, but also tells about art history and different techniques.

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