Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park


The whole structure is made out of the Plexiglas squares. And this is what gives so many coloures to the actual construction, as the light is being reflected and then refracted off these squares. She didn't use any colourful Plexi to make it and what we see is just an optical illusion, depending on the amount of light and the angle viewer is standing at. It is quite big and has a lot of space in a gallery, comparing to her last similar artwork, so this works looks even better and more impressive. The idea was to show how artificial and natural lights change when it's either a day time or a night time and depending on the viewer's viewing angle. It reflects the light and colour on the walls and ceiling.

I think this is a really interesting and unique concept for the installation, as it doesn't really depends on the method it is made with, but depends on an optical illusion, which you can't even control when making it.

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