“In Orbit” by Tomas Saraceno


"In Orbit" is a huge installation made by Tomas Saraceno, in Germany. This was made in an idea of a net construction. Inside this construction visitors can move, apparently weightlessly. It is divided by three floors and made mainly out of glass and thick threads. It was actually made to see the emotions of the visitors and their shocked faces. "In Orbit" is Tomas's larges installation, which he has planned over the last three years together with architects, engineers and anarchnologists, experts in the area of spider webs and spiders. For the artist it was a new digital geography, where all the people were walking in the sky. The concept of this installation was to represent lightness and flow. It also shows the idea of the space-time continuum, a 3D spider web, the structure of the universe and different relationships between people inside the actual web.

I think this artwork is very strong and really interesting.

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