Francesco Salom


Francesco Salom is an Italian artist, who is currently living and working in London. The main subjects for his project are marks and rubbish, created by accident. As he said, it represents "involuntary blindness of our society". He is the artist, who expresses himself within the environment. He realized, that the most interesting artwork will be the one, created by accident.

His projects are focused on the meaning of art in society and in environment. He likes to experiment, that is why he always plays around with shape, size and dimension, making a 2D piece - 3D. Experimenting with dimensions inspires him to create something new and even more unique. He likes, when the work is double functional. For example, Francesco likes the idea, of person sitting on his artwork and thinking about it or about other artworks surrounding him.

I think this is a good example of the artist who has an unusual concept. I like the idea of making everyday object unique and extraordinary. And I also find the idea of overlapping very inspirational, as it makes the artwork even more impressive.

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