Laura Laine


Laura Laine is an illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. The ordinary things, such as art, film, people and travelling, have always inspired her.

What she likes about being an illustrator is, that she can always experiment with fashion, by drawing it in her own vision and it will still be suitable and won't defer from the main theme. She used to study fashion design, but she didn't really enjoy the actual designing, what she liked was drawing and regarding fashion as an inspiration, changing the boundaries of traditional fashion through her drawings and making it more unusual. For her, fashion illustration was something that could go beyond real, where you could experiment and develop something new and extraordinary.

I think, Laura Laine, is a good example of the person, who has made a right choice with her career and who decided and understood what would be best for her to increase her talent. I think she is very competent and her illustrations are breathtaking, when looking at them, it gives a feeling of something mysterious and unexplainable, as they are really strong and inspirational.

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