Arturo Elena


Arturo Elena considered himself being a very lucky person, as he has gained all his skills without the help of other people. He has developed his style and technique through working with different design teams in Barcelona. All he could count on was his own knowledge and experience. He has developed his drawing skills through practice and relying on his desire and passion to become the part of fashion industry. He has first worked as a fashion designer, designing collections for both men and women. He has first started his illustration career after moving to Seville and working for Victorio and Lucchino, after that he began to receive offers for work from various magazines. This helped him to understand that his main purpose and passion was to become a fashion illustrator. His illustrations are stunning and very impressionable, the figures of people are a bit deformed and not proportional, but that's what makes them very unique and interesting. I like the use of colour in his works and the style they are drawn in.

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