Reflective Journal wk 6

July 6th


This week is all about collaboration with different subject area partner and create a final piece in the end of the week. I'm working with Cheng who is specialist in Fashion Contour. It is an area I would say I'm not very fimilar with even though we both work in the fashion industry but our areas are little different so we had some problems in collaborating together. Because we were ask to show both of our area in one piece so it is quite hard for Fashion Communication and Fashion Contour to combine without she making the garment and I photograph it. We realise we have this problem so we talked to Naomi about this and she had given us advice of thinking what we are in common and start with it. The talk was very helpful and I think we are finally on the right track so throughout the day it  was all fluent and successful. 

July 7th

The object we've saw in the CSM museum was a textile paper structure that looks dense but flexible at the same time also the colours of it would change while turning the object. We were inspired by the camouflage and hiding part from the object because contour was creating pieces for us to hide some parts of our bodies. So we have start looking into the concept - hiding by creating origami pattern that are inspired by animal's camouflage and projected the shadows on manikin to see how they look on bodies

I think it is a little difficult for me to write the process from KX till now because we have been through rocky paths and by summarising it into 100 words I would need to think clearly about mentioning the most important process and points.

The experiment we've did today successful the origami patterns look interesting and beautiful by projecting them on bodies also we have discover that by moving the lights the patterns would transform from clear to fuzzy from small to big. For tomorrow I would like to try with real projection and projecting real animal skins on to see how it looks on the body and what would the effect be. 

By working with another discipline had affected my work because she was contour and I'm fashion communication, I could do things more graphical or things are more dramatic in other ways but because her subject area has to be close to skins so I couldn't really do things that are dramatic but it is fine with me because collabarating is about figuring it out what kind of interesting things could we create.

We are still co creating because each step we go we think about each other and would question ourself "is this related to her subject area", we are collabrating in a way that both of us are satisfy with.

July 8th


Today was about talking our ideas and see if there's any improvement that could be adjust or make. Me and Chencheng kept on experimenting with the idea of origami and tested the shapes by shining the shadows on manikin to see how they would look on bodies. The experiment was successful but we think it was too dull it was plain black and white even though the shapes are interesting but because lack of colour had make the image seems to be missing something. So I decide to find some images of animal camouflaging and draw their outline and overlay each other to create patterns, the photos were more colourful and will test out tomorrow with Chencheng.

July 9th

Almost final 

We tested out the images I've produced and I've also added a new series about coral and fishes, I was inspired by the idea of how we people kind of rely on contours and the idea is same with coral and fish how fish rely on coral and hide in them for protection and security. The images were shine through projector and the effect was strong and definitely better than black and white. But as for Chencheng she has to think about how to design the final garment. We had a conversation with John, and he had give us suggestions like to make the origami pieces larger more dramatic and if the concept was hiding why don't we make a mask to hide the model ? After talking to him, we think it is right to make a mask and during the experiments we found out the mask was too glossy so we would need to paint acrylic on the mask to make the surface duller.

July 10th

Photo shoot

Chencheng had produce an amazing garment and during the photo shoot I had told model to make some hiding poses by curling herself up and posture like trying not to be seem. The photo shoot went well and we are both very satisfy with our work if we had one more week I think we would make adjust on the garment because the pieces could be more variety and more dramatic, I would also change some images make them more details and delicate, the patterns could be develop into deeper meanings. But overall it was a successful collaboration.

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