Reflective Part 2 (500-1000 words)


The project that I think was most successful for me is Book Object, because not only during the Brighton trip I get to draw and photograph interesting things that catch my attentions but also the development stage. I was looking into illusion which we were asked to create a 3D piece as final. So I decide to go for clear acrylic and using machines to cut them and heat to melt them then bend into the shapes I want, the process was interesting and new for me because I was new to these in workshops but because I was willing to try had make my final piece turned out really abstract and even better than I was expecting.

The problems I’ve been having during foundation plus was mostly about drawing, because in my acknowledge that drawing are suppose to be realistic and people should understand immediately what you were drawing but after talking to Bea about this problem I was having, she had make me realise that it was only me who was limiting myself because of my acknowledge my drawings aren’t improving. I’ve slowly realise that it is more important to find your own visual language than trying to draw out something that was completely the same from the object/thing we were looking at. Sometimes we can even draw only the outlines or small details and parts we have found interesting. 

During Foundation Plus I had learnt a lots of new techniques, from wide range of workshops of experimenting with metal, sculpture, wood, plastic, knitting and even laser cutting, which I found most excited and would like to try with in the future. Also from the projects, I’ve learnt how to use premium pro, it really had benefit me because I could make my editing deeper and try out more possibilities in editing from now on. Also I’ve get to experience with different drawing techniques like the one I found most interesting was tape drawing, it was the first time I’ve heard to draw with tape and it actually turned out really nice you couldn’t tell it was tape from a distance because it was neat and tape drawing actually turned out to look really graphical which is related to my subject area so I would like to use this technique in the future. 

From writing reflective journal everyday had really benefit me a lot because I start to think about things I weren’t thinking and start to question myself pushing myself to think deeper and start to analyse my works, also the reflective video each week had also make me notice that every week I’ve learnt a lot and for the past week what I could improve in the future. By analysing myself and questioning myself could make me improve more because I start to notice my problems and start making changes. 

Feedback from Bea was about wanting me to found my visual language which is something I was also searching and looking for the pass weeks, also after talking to Bea had make me realise that I should keep doing research in my subject area which is Fashion Communication, I should start gathering informations and constantly involve with the Fashion industry.

For the past month in Foundation Plus, I’ve experienced a lot from projects to projects I’ve slowly seen my changes I’m more mature now in time controlling and developing also the parts when we discuss in group I found out so many interesting and different thinkings that each person has and had really taught me a lot. So I would say I’ve enjoyed the whole Foundation Plus so far since everything was so inspiring and alive.

For preparing my future course, to be honest I’m still a little nervous because fashion is such a large industry and even narrowing down to fashion communication there are still so much to learn about and so much to figure out, so I would say I will be constantly pushing myself by making myself learn, embrace, and connect to my future course area.

My strengths as a student of Art and Design, I think it would be researching and willing to experiment. These are two important things as an art student should have, researching could help us know more and looking deeper into the theme we were going to explore and as for the experiment stage it would allow us to try out our ideas and developing ideas further, I am willing to experiment in different techniques and different materials, I enjoy the feeling of experimenting even though sometimes there are some failures but at least I would learn things from it which is the part I enjoy the most during experimenting.

For the rest of the course I would like to improve

1. My developing skills, I would like to develop more because the projects were all one week since it was too short in my sketchbook I realise I didn’t show a lot what I was thinking and the process of how ideas are changing so I would make a change.

2. Sketches, since now I found my way of drawing I would like to continue this further in the rest of the courses.

3. Reflective journal, some of my reflective were a little too descriptive so I would change that by more questioning and analysing.

4. Reflective Video, my reflective video haven’t add works in it so sometimes when I was talking about my work the audience couldn’t picture it in their mind so I would need to add some photographs.

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