Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic is making great performances, as it seems easy for her to get naked in front of everybody, to hug with a skeleton or even risk her life for art's sake. I find her performances very strong, motivating and inspiring. She was the main and the only actor in her performances and sometimes she did very harmful things to herself, as taking drugs, cutting herself, laying in fire and many others. As for me, those seem very frightening as it means she was mad and she couldn't control herself, but at the same time it showed how she loved art and performance. Her performances were funny, dramatic but at the same time sad, as a happy person would never do anything like that. In one of them, she gave people 72 items, which they were supposed to use on her, like knife, scissors and even a gun. One of them would have killed her if the other guy wouldn't stop him, this showed how violent people could be.   

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