Lori Goldstein


Lori Goldstein is a celebrated stylist in the fashion industry. She is known for collaborations and creative consulting with Vanity Fair, Vogue, Versace, Tiffany's, H&M, Gap and famous fashion photographers. Moreover, such celebrities as Demi Moore or Madonna have hired her.

However, whereas some argue that she is a contributor to commercial aesthetics, she has worked for over thirty years on establishing new ways of perceiving fashion and style. It can be argued that her imagination and innovative outlook have transformed styling into a valued art form. Goldstein has experimented with fashion styles in unexplored ways, and thus raised awareness about the art of styling.

Original mixing of colours and styles has not only made her famous, but also created new dimensions of fashion aesthetics. By using an artistic approach and sensibility, Goldstein has achieved to create a different perception of beauty and the art of fashioning, to influence popular culture and to leave a great legacy.

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