Lauren Philippon


Laurent Philippon is a legend of the hairdressing world, working for fashion shows, consulting hairstyling brands and creating new approaches for an appreciation of hair imagery. From an early age, he has sought hairdressing legends, in order to learn their craft, thus gaining recognition by the age of eighteen.

Philippon's success is due to his ability to experiment, and to seek a constant improvement of his work. His art was influenced by traditional techniques, as well as by modern culture. He recognises the impact of cinema, celebrities or even architecture on his imagination.

At the same time, he uses his intuition to bring together various images, recognising that hair is a part of any culture, creating a personal belonging. He sets new trends and defines how a culture will look in a following year or years. Thus, Philippon's goal is to create something elegant and self-defining. He is at the very front of a hairstyle history making. 

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