Michael Wolf


I really like Michael Wolf's series of photographs, called "Tokyo compression". It records travellers on the underground in Tokyo, tells us how some Japanese salary men and women travel everyday between home and work place, and emphasizes the density and business of the big city.

Michael Wolf's photographs are very expressive, as we can see how uncomfortable people, behind the glass are feeling. The composition of these images is a very essential key, which Wolf has arranged to photograph sections of the glass frames with people?s face next to them, that emphasizes how narrow the spaces are inside the train, and how people are some sort of restricted in these cabins. The fog and moisture on the glass is another key that raises attention, which emphasizes the uncomfortableness of the environment as well as existence of the piece of the glass between the photographer and the photographed. Most importantly the expression of the faces and more of the gestures has expressed directly and sharply how people are compressed in the train and how they want to get out.

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