Linder Sterling


Linder Sterling is the artist working with fine art and collages. She was born in Manchester and she was 16 when she has entered the world of fashion and art. Once, when she was against chauvinism, she made a dress out of meat. Later on, she has made her first famous artwork the cover of pank group Buzzcock, which was named Orgasm addict. She had her first exhibition in Paris, where she had all of her work, which is still popular nowadays. Her collages shocked the public in 80's, but now it's not counted as shocking as at that time.

She has collected photos of Dior jewelry and sketches of Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane and made different compositions out of them. She has used black and white old photographs and attached the Dior jewelry pictures. Her aim was to connect the history with the life nowadays. Looking at her artworks nobody can be indifferent. And you can hardly understand what could make her work all along her life with an idea of making "woman as an object". 

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