Abigail Reynolds


Abigail Reynolds is an artist, who was born in Cornwall, who is a homonym of Joshua Reynolds, this is probably what has made an impact on her becoming an artist. So she decided to make artworks, which shows the old images of the streets, nature and interiors of the buildings, which you can still see nowadays and this is basically the main concept of her artworks. Abigail is using a really interesting technique to implement her concept. She folds the corners one of two photographs stacked together, which makes her collages look 3D. To make these, she spends most of her time in archives. She has also collected her own collection of the tourist guides and tries to find the pictures of the same places but published in different years. In the process of making these, she never cuts anything out, but folds the corners, this is why it looks 3D and she leaves an opportunity to unfold them and you can get to whole pictures as they have looked before. You can see her artworks in "Seventeen  Gallery" in London.

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