Reflective Journal wk 5

June 29th


After spending a day in Brighton, I'm fascinated by the atmosphere there the relaxing peoples with the colourful passionate and energetic building and architectures. 

My drawings were more about the outlines of the architectures I've also overlay them with each other creating some illusion, also with the rubbings some patterns didn't really pop out but I like how it had press on the back side of the pages with only the marks. I've taken lots of photographs mostly relate to my theme - repetition which I was looking at lines, patterns and symmetry. Sound recording was the most successful, because I've record some really interesting sounds like my favourite one was people fixing the pier with electric drill and their walkie talkie was talking in the background. The sounds wasn't too pale but also interesting by involving some conversations and words in it. I found most difficult in found objects, I think I was too limited because I was searching for something that was very interesting instead I should look at small things and see how they are different in their own ways. 

June 30th

Laser cutting / Experiment 

Afternoon was developing our ideas further by following Bea's rules for each drawing, rubbing, photographs, sound recording, and found objects. We were ask to turn the things different from the originals. Most successful one was the found object, I had photocopy my postcard four times and cut them in stripes then colour code them into a new image. I really like how it turned out and the piece made me think of glitche which I would like to consider as my final theme for book object. I had difficulties with how to change the rubbing but after talking to Bea I had an idea which is to use the photocopier to invert the image first and print out in black. I really like how it turned out, the rubbings were more details and had make the rubbing more interesting than the originals.

July 2th

Workshop making

My idea originally started with making a cube or pyramid shape as my book object then stick acetates on it. But after actually talking to Karen had make me realise that I don't have to make a box or a container because my theme was illusion which I could make something really abstract and it might match with my theme even more. I've chosen clear arcylic because I would like the piece to be transparent and clear to make the acetate shine through it. But at first I've chosen an arcylic that was too thick so when I was cutting it it had created wiggle lines and sparkles, after talking to the technicians they had advise me to choose the thinner one so the lines would be straight and easier to cut through. My final came out completely different than I was expecting even better because of the shapes they doesn't make sense in some way but they look interesting after combining them together.


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