Reflective Journal wk 4

June 22th

Tutorial day with Bea 

After talking to Bea, I've realised some changes that I would need to make.

1. Reflective Journal could be more personal by thinking deeper and explaining the causes and effects more in details

2. Drawing, since I'm not confident in my drawing I should draw all the time in order to improve. If I had some problems, I could ask tutors for help but mostly is that I would need to practice more. 

3.Visual language, start exploring and think about trying to make a mark of my own my very personal way/style of visual language.

June 24th

Line drawings

Been taught to draw in different ways in different techniques like drawing in hyperbolic, parabolic, one point perspective, two point perspective and tape drawings. The one I've enjoy the most was tape drawing, it was really interesting to draw with tapes and how you could curve the tape slowly to create a curve and how you could slice it to create angles. But the most successful one isn't the tape drawing it's the hyperbolic in my opinion because I've intend to capture the shape of the chip quite well by clean lines and continous drawings.  Even though I've enjoyed the tape drawing but at the start I had difficulties with it because I couldn't really curve the tape smooth enough without any creases and also the ratio are quite hard to control. But I've come through it by trying couple times to see how to curve it without creating creases as for the ratios I've stand back a little to see if it's right and if it was wrong I would immediately change it.

June 25th

Museum day

We went to Hungarian gallery and the Zoology museum to look at bones and structures of humans and animals. I was fascinated by the Hungarian gallery, the display of collections inside was amazing all of the details of human and animal structures were fully been display as an artwork. While drawing them down, I've used different techniques like clean line drawing, continous line drawings, not looking at the paper drawing and detail drawings. But I'm not very good at drawing in details like the shadowing, so I've tried in my own way by only capturing the outlines.

June 26th


We've been asked to use the drawings we've done yesterday to create a chimera. I had no idea in mind so decide to play with it and randomly collage them. Many people were creating 3D outcome but I decide to go by drawings. My drawings had experiment with different materials, I had collage with crayon colours by combining different pieces together and use colours to know that they are each parts. Also I've experiment with using paper straw draw by inks, I had fun with it and would like to use this technique in the future.

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