Reflective Journal wk3

June 15th

New project had started and it was about collaging, we've been ask to create five outcomes with different techniques. I had fun and enjoyed the process, even though I had a little difficulities with one of the request which was about removing part of the images, I had overcome by using punching holes on images to create things that seem to be hidden or losing. 

June 16th

Today we've been introduced to printing workshop, even though I've been in touch with lino and stencil printing before but the printing from glass was something I never tried before. I found it interesting by carving what we want on the glass and also using different tools like sand paper and nails to make the print become more interesting and full with different textures. I simply carved a geometric unsymmetry shape but while scrubbing off the inks I intend to create circular textures and patterns purposely to make a contrast between two shapes. Afternoon was about photoshopping our collages from yesterday into black and white also making the contrast stronger. I had some difficulties with the contrast because my image was overlaying each other so it is quite difficult to make sure both of them are in the best effects. I had overcome by keep on experimenting with the colours and contrasts couple times and tried to play with the effects and finally I had a result that I'm satisfy with.

June 17th

Learning about reflective journal and research 

I've learned more about researching and how to write reflective journal by constantly asking ourselves questions like how why and what, questioning ourselves the purposes. For our research also getting to know how to dig deeper into the artists's purpose and why. I think in my reflective journal I haven't been questioning myself deeper enough so it was more descriptive in some ways, I would change this by asking myself more questions.


June 18th


First time getting in touch with photopolymer, printing out images that we've collaged yesterday in photoshop. During printing the images I find out it's kind of difficult for me to print out the contract enough since my images are overlapping each other, I didn't really overcome it but I decided to embrace the fact and play with the prints by trying out with different colours combination not only with black. If I'm going to do this project again, I would change my collage image by making them not overlapping each other and also while inking it I would be more careful and maybe experiment with layering prints over each other.

June 19th

Pinhole Camera

I had successfully building up my pinhole camera but while photographing I think I might had make some mistakes because I had accidentally shake the camera few times so I am worry about the images, when they had been wash out I am afraid that they would be white or even blurred at some point. If I could redo this project, I would place the camera on a steady and stable place and make sure it wouldn't shake at all then photograph the picture. 

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