Reflective Journal wk2


We’ve been introduced to a new program today - Premium Pro, it’s a video editing program which I’ve never used before. I’m worry and nervous about using this program, I’m afraid if I didn’t do it right I couldn’t produce my final well.Throughout the lesson, I’ve slowly getting to know the program well and I start to feel interesting and excited to play with the program more. I’m glad that I’ve get out of my comfort zone and willing to try something new.



The project has started and we’ve been asked to create a video by using old videos or videos that has already exists. I wasn’t sure about what to do at the start, so I was randomly creating and playing with different ideas, like combining the movie ‘Jumper’ with cartoon ‘Simpsons’ tried to make it funny and change the conversation that was on the move. But after experimenting with it I find out that even though it was interesting but the video doesn’t have a meaning or message behind it. So I decide to try different idea, and I thought of Social Media. At first I was looking at how people are influenced by celebrities how they are all copying celebrities’ style and looks, but I still find this idea not good enough so then thought of the influence of social media how people are too addicted to social media and ignored people who are actually beside them that they could interact with.



Today was workshop day, we’ve been introduced to different area’s workshop. I was fascinated by the wood and plastic workshop, how we could built things we’ve imagine actually into pieces and how the different tools and machine we could work with in the environment, I’m excited to create more interesting pieces by using them.



My video was combination of three videos all about the idea of social media influence, so I was grabbing similar parts and parts that they would easily blend together. I was having difficulties with the audio because I’m not sure to use their original audio or focus on one video’s audio. I listened to each video’s content and choose one to be the main audio in my film. So I’ve chosen the audio that was the most influential and most interesting in my opinion. Even though I’ve chosen the audio track but still had difficulties editing due to the original track was talking to fast so while I was cutting parts down sometimes would also cut some parts that shouldn’t be in there. I’ve tried my best to remove the surplus audios, but there are still little bits that are hard to remove.


It was crit for the videos, I’ve been given some feedbacks about that some parts of my videos are too obvious that they had been cut but the message was sent well because of the talks in the video. If I get to redo the project again , I would use the same videos but maybe for the audio I could change to ones that aren’t talking that fast so it’s more convenient for me to edit it. Also for the video I would like to make some changes that are funnier or more interesting even to exaggerate some parts in the video.

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