Alexander Rodchenko

download.php?file=1317640&embedded=1&textbox=1301404Alexander Rodchenko is a Russian artist and photographer. His works are very interesting, as they are taken from some odd angles. For example, in one of his works it is taken down to top, but from this angle we can hardly see the man's face clearly, but it somehow gives us the sense that where the man was, was quite high up and that he was feeling a bit struggled. From this angle, the ladder in the image shows a sense of extensity, and the mature arrangements of the composition makes the ladder look longer than it really is, as it occupies a bigger proportion in the image, than the wall does and shows a very good use of space and depth. The colour and tone has also made a very big impact on the expression of the mood of the image. The contrast is rather mild, where the lines on the ladder are still stood out in the plain white background, but the mood has seemed to be calm and still.

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