Fiona Banner


Fiona Banner is a sculptor and conceptual artist from England. She is making her artworks by, actually, describing them. She uses words to make a "words cape", which describes her lifestyle, different events and people, atmosphere and even films she likes. All of her "words capes" are made out of the continuous text, describing different things. She is using a variety of fonts and making it different sizes, to show her feelings and to represent her thought about life and the world in whole.

She is usually using black and white paint, but some of her artworks are also colourful. Some of her works are quite small, but some can be the size of the room, as all the walls are covered in letters and when entering this room, it is empty and the only things you can see are the letters, some are on the walls, some are hanging from the ceiling, some are situated on a small canvases, but the actual idea is, that you can see letters everywhere!

This is what has inspired me to work with letters, to make them 3D and draw them, and I actually made a 24 hours research on them, because all we see in everyday life is letters, numbers and other symbols and this, actually, plays a very important role in our lifestyle and in our understanding of life.

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