John Stezaker


John was born in London and he makes collages using old photographs, cards and magazines. One of his most exciting works is a series called "Marriage". In this series he connects the men and women portraits. Cutting them out from the original context and endowing them with his own esprit. As a result we see the new outcome, the parts of which, by themselves, looks quite familiar and ordinary, but together they look quite strange an wrong, but still attracting visitors by their unusual harmony. He has also made a series of surrealistic photographs, "Masks", where he connects the pictures of people and places together, he didn't use scissors as he was working only with glue. His artworks have made a huge impact on the new generation of image-makers, according to Brett Charles Rogers, who is the owner of The Photographers' Gallery.

The main idea of his artworks is not to add something, but even to get rid of some unnecessary parts and he replaces the accents from something important to the things, which are less important.

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