Gabriel Orozko


Gabriel Orozco is a famous Mexican contemporary artist. He works with photography, fine art, sculpture and makes different installations. His characteristic feature is using ordinary objects to make an extraordinary one out of them. For example, one of his sculptures looks like a compressed Citroen, which was divided by three parts and the middle part was taken away.

One of his most famous installations is "Sandstars", which is situated in Guggenhaim museum. This artwork consists of hundreds of different natural and man-made objects found on the cost of a pacific ocean. There was one more installation in the same museum, called "Astroturf", which was much smaller, but also consisted of the huge amount of different items, which he has collected on the sport arena in New York, according to him, he liked to play football there. Among those objects there are pieces of broken balls, chewing gums, candy wraps, threads, coins, pins and small items. He took photos of all of those objects and made a collage, which was also situated in this museum.

He gathered the groups of objects, by their size, colour and shapes. 

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