Sarah Sze


This artist works in a big scale format, as her artworks are installations, which are filling the whole room and it seems to be a good way of presenting it. She works with light, air, colour, texture and movement. To make these artworks she utilizes everyday objects.

Her well-known artwork is now situated in London's Victoria Miro gallery. It is made out of household items and captures the viewer's eyes, every time he goes past. She used to think, that a circle shape is just too formal, but later on she realized, that it gives some sense of going behind the stage and that's why she decided to make this artwork circle-like. It gives the feeling of being in a student environment, as it is made out of chairs, books, sleeping bag, paperclips, light bulbs and other materials you can find in student's storage.

Her installations impress the viewers, because it shows how the actual item can give you a feeling of a different routine and place. This is her main aim, to investigate what impact does her artworks make.

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