Reflective Journal wk 1

On Monday you completed an Enrolment writing task. What areas did you identify as your priorities for improvements during Foundation plus ?
During the writings, I’ve realise that I could improve my drawing skills more because I’m always not good at drawing comparing to others. I would like to improve my drawing skills by learning more techniques and trying with different materials more also practice more drawings.


What did you think about other student’s work in the crit ? What did you learn from seeing other’s work ?
During the self portrait crit, I’ve come to realise that everyone’s ideas are all unique and interesting, some didn’t show the idea immediately but after the author’s explanation the images would make sense. I really like Demetra’s work where she shows two split images trying to combine different pictures together as one and she actually did it, it was shadow of her face and head. The work was stunning and full with life makes me think of how time would pass quickly without we noticing. I learned that self portrait isn’t about showing your face but showing your thoughts, ideas and true self through images you could also come to realise the person’s other side by looking at their self portrait how they intend to express themselves in different ways.


How did you experiment with drawing techniques in the second (Archway Life) project ?

My favourite technique was using continuous drawings when I could capture the shapes with continuos lines in order to create interesting shapes out of it. Also by using water colour, the colour would make the drawings more energetic and outstanding.


What do you plan to do over the weekend to complete the Archway Life project?

I didn’t drew a lot of sketches in Friday so during weekend I would like to complete more drawings and try to send my ideas through drawings how I’m looking at relationship of attachments between people and nature.


What difficulties did you face this week and what did you try to overcome it ?

For my self portrait I’ve face the difficulties of how to show my concept ‘Who am I’ straight forward, because I was experimenting in lots of ways and I’m not sure which would show the theme better. I’ve overcome this by experimenting more but also asking others without explaining my concept, how they think the messages I’m sending is.


Which events, experiences or processes this week were most enjoyable and why ?

I really enjoy the walk in Archway when we have to follow the map and explore Archway looking at some significant architectures and learning about the history of this place. During exploring, we get to draw down what we see and I found that interesting because we can observe through our eyes and not through flat photographs I also get to look around me and learn about Archway in my own way.


How are you managing your time ? Did you manage to get everything that needed done this week ?

I think I’ve managed my time quite well at self portrait project, because I’ve manage to do lots of experiments and also get to talk to others about my ideas also in the end I’m quite satisfy with my final piece for the 2 days project. But as for the Archway project, I didn’t manage my time quite well since I’ve only done few drawing due to I was busy looking around instead of drawing them down.



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