I used lots of little aspects from the clips I took, I took a few seconds here and there, and in other parts took longer, the whole film is about 2 minutes 30 seconds. I didn't want to have the film too long I wanted to keep it short to create excitement and to feel like there was a lot more you could have seen, like it is not giving you all the details, and leaving you feeling like you could have watched more. I edited it on Premier Pro CC, I edited the colour of the videos, the sound of the audios I brought in from YouTube which were relevant. I also used a Christian hym song which I used part way through, unless you know the song you would not notice, it makes reference to the bible for christians how Satan is a God of this world, set out to kill, steal and destroy, but God is the creator of the earth and he has a presence, but people are drawn to the evil, and many forget about God. I used the audios to break up each video, but also I wanted the whole video to flow like a film, a murder mystery, but one you don't understand. The suspects I used are not the real suspects, they are puppets and the fall back guys. The prince of darkness, shadow of light is the true culprit, or influence, and the elite, government are his puppets, and they have puppets, and those puppets have puppets, everyone being in control, under the master of the universe. I am happy with my outcomes for now, but in future projects, I want to find ways that are more openly glorifying for good, that is educational and has a good message. For this unit I wanted to have an aspect to create it to be educational.

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