Evaluating Video Performance 


The teddies video is there to be a main distraction away from the real issue of  the corruption of groups in society.  The video starts straight away to create the impression that the viewer has been watching a programme on TV, half way through and then has turned over.  It’s like a security breach as the connection has been taken over, it is being shown by another ‘who killed political correctness’.  The viewer was watching the subliminal lies but then the programme diverts and the messaging of the truth is revealed .  


The teddies were bought from a charity shop.  I threaded a large needle with string and then sewed it into the top of each teddy’s head.  The three strings were hung over tree branches and they were pulled to make the bears move as if they were puppets.   This pulley system meant that the puppeteer was able to remain hidden while the video was being recorded.  The ground was strewn with doughnuts and beakers to give the appearance of having had a deranged picnic.



This video I have done like a murder mystery, there are several suspects who the corrupt government blame problems on to divert criticism from their organisation. (There is a risk of death for speaking out and in other words ‘free speech’). In the video you are shown three suspects but it is not clear who the culprit is.  It is a pointless account of events. The suspects are messengers of deception, displaying ‘there is too much evidence to make a conclusive association’. The suspects are not the real suspects but who the government chose to set up and blame the murder on. The victim is hung and left for dead from a tree.  I painted the face as a golly doll, referencing the slave trade in the past, opinions that events such as these will not occur again, but has been prophesied and will happen. I used illuminati cards which hold subliminal messaging and reveal past, present and future truths, a game like society thinks new world order is, and corruption as a joke and mocks the wise and are presented as crazy. The cards are colourful and create a contrast to the dark suit, a symbol of someone in power who has rebelled against what organisations control you to do. It is referring to the old and new slave. The hands tied behind the back unable to respond or react, suddenly powerless, and abandoned.   I rubbed the suit in plaster and the shirt and tie in latex to give a rough, deranged, desperate, and .out of place representation


The “useless eater” is about population control and consumerism, greed, selfishness, power and money.  Controlling population under a targeted number is an aim of dominant organisations.  I used acrylic paint to decorate a morph suit.  I spray painted doughnuts and covered them in glue to give them a hard surface.  I glued some doughnuts to the body of the morph suit and also to the face as eyes.  I had to also use sellotape to cover the doughnuts and place round the head to secure them as the surface of the face was not flat enough to keep them aligned.  The video is not supposed to make full sense and to confuse in some aspects mirroring the actions of the elite. The colours of this outfit were very bright and captured very well on camera. I wanted to create contrast throughout the garments and for them each to be different in their own way. The illuminati card game I purchased inspired a lot of the ideas I explored including the ideas of suspects depicting, nephilim, disease and useless eater.


Looking at it from the worldly sense  -  aliens and alien invasion, then from the Satanist, hidden goals and Christianity, of nephilim and fallen angels or demons.


The alien costume was made using aluminium foil that was glued to a black morph suit using UHU and a glue gun.   To create the base of the head, I wrapped aluminium foil around my cat’s body and secured it with sellotape.  I attached a bin bag  under the foil which was to cover the face and then trimmed it to size.  I attached more foil to the head to make it elongated in the shape of a horn  (musical instrument).    I made arms of different length so the figure wouldn’t have normal human characteristics.   I attached several foil limbs to the front of the body and legs as a sign of power and another form of control.   I wanted to create a human like figure that was disembodied.  


The diseased human explores Satanic views of humans  “as twits” who are to be dispensed with by man-made epidemics.  I used latex and bubble wrap and created boils, cysts and other imperfections of the skin.  These were then glued to a skin coloured morph suit.  


The three suspects all represent aspects of population control.  Therefore, although they are portrayed as potential murderers, they are, in fact,  victims who have been misrepresented and denied justice by organisations.

© Ruth Zoe Andreas, all rights reserved