Today I set up my work in the exhibition space. I displayed the tv with the performance and the victim was hung, I liked the contrast of the black TV and colourful victim. I presented it, for assessment tomorrow I am going to finalise last details tonight in my work and get everything ready to take for tomorrow.

Another student had a look at my work and watched it. She commented on my comment I had placed on a card, she thought they were giving 'instructions on watching the film, as I didn't have it playing on repeat. I felt this was interesting as in some way she was deceived into thinking it wasn't relevant or of importance, but it is. The card is a command it is telling you what to do, you read it and then do it, before reading it you probably were doing to do it anyway. But the card is controlling you and your actions and you may not even realise. The fact that she didn't realise it was supposed to be something of control I found very interesting and made the concept even more exciting. The card is controlling every action you make in order to watch it, but you want to obey because you want to see what you will be watching. Initially I wanted the colour of the card to be white, but I didn't have any, but I am happy with the colour it is, because I think the card wouldn't be as noticeable and fade into the background surrounded by the white paint and the atmosphere. I am happy with how my work has been presented, I wanted the body to hang next to the piece, I chose to display the victim as it is the most important one in my video, without a victim you don't have any suspects. The bright colour of the body stands out in the subdued space. The body creates more detail, that you can examine the body and act as almost a 'detective' yourself, analysing it and forming your own conclusions without even realising you are playing a part in the piece and conceptually also.

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