Over the Easter break I really took it upon myself to collect as many materials as I could. I maybe did go a little overboard, but I didn't want to limit myself to having only one of two options for a compass and torch.

I seriously needed a tutorial and I found a lot of guidance from Simon on how to modify some of the components to my project to make it my own and not just take the easy way out. Because I want my survival kit to be extremely functional in every way, together simon and I came up with a solution on keeping the flashlight/lantern secure to the tube. This design put me out of my comfort zone because I still do feel intimated to work in the wood workshop because there is always so many people and so much going on. But I found it to be exciting and proud of myself when I made a proper cut on the ban saw, and actually accomplished making a round circle using the sander.

I know I have had a slow start getting into the workshops, but after today I definitely feel more confident and less nervous to ask my tutors and the technicians for help.

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