I always find the PowerPoint presentations done by the tutors to be extremely helpful for keeping up to date on their expectations for us on our projects. Since we will be having our final models photographed next week, I really liked seeing what students did last year, because I often find that my style of photography is really simple and clean, but I am always blown away when I see something a little odd or quirky that makes me wonder how the individual thought of that concept. 

My survival kit is for those people who may be curious to explore the forest but as reluctant because they are nervous something could happen to them. Really it's to provide the essential's so the user can feel at ease knowing they have a survival kit handy. I think it will be really important for me to visit the forest with a model for my in context photos. I want to experience the survival kit and capture it in a photo essay type presentation that will connect with my audience. I really enjoyed my time at Highgate Wood's and think it would be a good location because of the interesting found structures and green mossy areas. I like the pops of colour along with the realness of the structures made by who knows who, left for passer-by's to be curious about.

I really need to come up with a good concept for the studio photoshoot to capture that awesome "Super Hero shot". Because my product has so many components and functions on different ends, It may be best to ever disassemble the piece all together so that I can capture a photo that shows the collection of the components together.

I'm confident that I can come up with something that will showcase my product...and if not, I know some pretty smart tutors and classmates that may have some valuable creative input...

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