I have found that these past two weeks my making estimates have been off. What always seems like am easy job has taken me an extra day or two when it has come to working on my final model.

I finally received my Fluorescent Water-repellent fabric, so today was all about finishing that up and getting the final touches of my survival kit together. When I came in today I estimated that the insert would take an hour..maybe two tops. But it ended up taking me almost the full day. When it comes to planning it's probably best that I give myself more time for making exercises since I am still learning and am improving my efficiency.

I was maybe a little bit anal about making the measurements perfect because I did pull the measurements from scratch and eye balled it from laying all my contents out on the fabric.

Last week I had made a paper model for the insert that houses the tools in my survival kit but I unfortunately didn't have all my supplies so I improvised and substituted the waterproof matches and Paracord for two mini highlighters. This paper model definitely helped me when it came to mapping out the pattern on the actual fabric, and I've really learnt the value of making paper models this year. 

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