These past few weeks have really flown by. I remember looking at the schedule for this project in February and seeing the date for the photography session and wondering if I would have my final model done in time for the shoot because of all the extra things to keep up with like Workflow.

Thinking about this made me a little nervous, but I also knew that if I was behind in my making, that I could easily pull it off. Luckily I never had to deal with this, and my final model was made with time to spare.

I couldn't be more happy with the photos from the session today. It really makes a difference to me whether an object is professionally photographed or not, as this is something I have really picked up over the last couple years working in communications and being an amateur photographer myself. 

I have to say that my classmates and tutors were a big help when deciding what to do for my shoot. Because my survival kit is made up with some many small components I wasn't sure the best way to photograph it but Nicola's suggestion of taking it completely apart and then photographing the making process was really good for communicating my product. 

Grace and Nicola also were huge helps in my pre-production of capturing tests shots to show the photographer. I think this kind of planning really makes a different especially when you're working with a small time frame because it helps to not waste time.


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