I went to Highgate Wood's today for the second time, and my level of confidence about my project from the first time till today is extremely higher. Now that my final model is done a lot of my confusion on whether or not my project is going to work out has diminished. I still have a lot to catch up on when it comes to updating my bibliography, and making sure all the annotations in my sketchbook are also entered on Workflow.

Compared to past projects, this one really feels different for me. I am the most proud of this project, I want people to see it, and I want to send around the photos that I took today in the wood's. Aside from the aesthetics of my project, I also feel pride in many other areas. 

I feel a lot more confident going into the workshop in the future, because I was able to experiment with more wood and plastics in ways that I hadn't explored in the past (different sanding devices that used to be scary to me). I am also very proud of my sketchbook and that amount of content that I decided to include because in my opinion I have always struggled to understand and edit exactly what is necessary to include. I spent a lot of time adding drawings with drawing paper and different coloured pens, and these things I used to stay shy of. Looking in my sketchbook I believe that I have analyzed and communicated the messages that I am taking away from my research.

This project was a huge growing spurt for me because I feel like I accomplished not only a product but a story.

I am also really excited to share the in context photos I captured today of my model and classmate Marek. It was a lot of fun to scavenge around the woods with him because he loves the outdoors and it felt really natural to photograph him. I think these photos are the perfect compliment to the studio photos that were taken yesterday.

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