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Unit 7 Evaluation

Before the unit 7 started, I went to the London Founding Museum. And that visit really inspired me of my unit 7 project. Actually I am not really satisfied with previous project which is ‘memories contained within’. So I decided to keep my direction on the emotions. To be honest, I do find it is really hard to create my own brief of the unit 7 at the beginning. Because I am used to use the brief that tutor gave us. But after I found some reference from previous projects, I completed my own brief well.

My unit 7 project title is “Loss & Grief”. The starting point is Non-verbal communication. But after two weeks research on the children in Second World War. I found most of my research that I have done are more focused on the ‘Loss’.I kinda lose the ‘Grief’ part of my brief. So I made my first decision for my project. I decided to just focus on the children in the WW2. The most influential research of my project is watching the video which called “Evacuation of children during the World War II”. It’s really inspired me for my project. And this research really helped me to understand the emotions of the children in the WW2. I said I want to created a jewellry which can represent the “Loss & Grief” of the WW2 and tell the stories of it. But actually my final design turned to be a kind of new “supplies” for the children. My final design is a playful jewellry and my idea is make children stop feeling abandoned. Although it doesn’t really meet the aims of my proposal, I still feel satisfied with my final outcome. Speak of the final outcome. The main technology of making this is soldering. Tutor helped me with the most part of my soldering work but I do test it by myself and I do get the technology of the simple soldering. This is the most exciting thing I achieved in the unit 7. And anther thing I am proud of is the mistake I made during the soldering which really helped me avoid to melt down my final work during the texture test.

I sketched a range of ideas by using the different reference from my research. And then I picked the idea which is most close to my concept. The material choose is based on my research as well. Because of my concept is about making something about the children in WW2. So I chose the brass and change the surface of it. The reason why I change the shinny surface to frosted is because shinny represent the clean and new. And what I want is something old and can represent the war time.

About the time management. To be honest I didn’t do really well because of the lag of the research. This is the thing I need to improve. The journal writing gave me a good chance to review what I have done during the unit 7. It really likes a mirror to me to keep telling me what I should improve. The main difficulties during the project is that I have to decide to give up one of my idea for my final outcome. I did the test of the making body for the final outcome by using the clay. And the result of the test was not I am expected. This is really disappointed. I feel the making process is the most successful part of my project. Because the final outcome was been made perfectly and I do learned the skills.

Overall, I think my project was completed well and I do improve my making skills and independent study skill. This will really help me with my future undergraduate study. Also, if I have the chance to continue my work I think I will try to research on the ‘ Grief’ and see if I can meet the aim of my proposal well.

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