about the book (John Storey)

These book by John Storey was a good choice to start researching about the popular culture and the culture in general because it provides necessary historical background and terminology that you will need for the further research. I’ve chosen the most interesting extract from the book and present it here. For example, that was a very interesting fact for me that the restrictions between popular and high culture are gradually becoming more blurry. To illustrate this fact the author is taking about the concerts of classical music. It is no longer a leisure only for upper class rich people. And the classic opera songs by Luciano Pavarotti are placed in music charts alongside with popular music compositions.

Moreover this book clarifying term of ideology and shows how it is woven in culture. USSR  is the most obvious example of the ideology of the world that is made for the middle class workers, the world were nearly everything is collective to avoid any injustice. The main motto of that time was “ piece, work, may”. At that time all soviet culture was made to support this ideology: cinema, posters literature ets. 

I also like the quote that culture is a collective dream world. I think that it is  the real nature of the culture. All literature, theatre, television contain a curtain proportion of intreating content alongside with reflecting the situating in the world or trying to solve controversial issues.


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