Today I will be further editing the videos and turning it into a dysfunctional film, I want to create it so it feels out of place, mismatched and altered. So far I have edited the first section of the teddy bears picnic, in the crime scene with the devoured doughnuts and cups filled of doughnuts. I have the rest of the video to edit. Initially I thought I would have a lot of editing, but from starting it I don't think I will change it a lot, I want to keep it organic and I don't want to ruin the hard work I've done and the authenticity of it but ruining it with edits, I want to keep it so its obvious what it is. 

I have been working on the video editing throughout the day. I have completely finished editing the victim section in the video. I placed audio tracks in the video, which I altered the sound and speed of, I tried to make it dysfunctional. I used Kanye West music, new slaves, and BLKKK SKKKN, this included sounds of animals noises which I distorted. I wanted it to seem mismatched, and not controlled.  The Useless eater clips came next, I finished editing this part of the video also. I used songs: metallic, master of puppets, iron maiden, the number of the beast, also a song from the film I watched called 'phantom of the paradise', the hell of it. I used parts of the songs which were relevant to the concept I was exploring and trying to achieve. I edited the vibrancy and tone of the videos also. I have been print screening as I have been going along, it has been exciting to see the progress I have made, and starting to see the film form and come together. I am over half way through the video now. I have to add the nephilim section and the diseased human section next. I was thinking of having a type of radio talk show going on in the audio or some type of conspiracy conversation, and for the diseased human have biblical quotes relating to leprosy or possibly from the matrix about humans being a cancer, disease on this planet, I will have to see what works best when I come to do it. My plans are to finish the video tomorrow, then I will burn it to a DVD which I will be able to play from the TV I have got. On Monday I will be taking my finished pieces in to hang up and exhibit, then on Tuesday is the final deadline so I will have Monday afternoon to double check I have everything finished and completed to submit work. If I had more time I think I could have explored some areas in more depth like, I had a lot of ideas for development and there wasn't enough time for me to explore them all. I think I have stuck to the subject area I specified in the beginning in my PPP, and I have done a mixed media outcome, in this unit I have used a lot of materials, including newspaper, plaster, clay, paint, food, latex etc. I think my outcome is like a theatrical performance/film, as I have made costumes, then used people to act in them and have directed them and told them how to behave, I have also acted in some of the outfits also. 

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