Today I finished all my costumes ready for filming tomorrow. From creating the useless eater costume, I had to glue the doughnuts on the fat suit that I painted. Two of the doughnuts fell off, from doing this I realised I needed to film somewhere close incase some fell off that I needed to glue back on whilst filming, also having all the costumes and including the dummy, would be heavy and time consuming if I filmed somewhere I had to travel to. I decided in the end my garden would be the best place to film, There is a tree at the back to hang the victim, I bought brown rope to tie around the hands and also the neck to create a noose, I watched a video on youtube how to create the knot for the hangman's noose. I will be filming the three suspects in front of where the victim is hanging. In my film at the start I want it to be playing as if it is on tv at the start I will have filmed 3 bears at a 'teddy bears picnic' which is making reference to bohemian grove, and the facts that we don't get told about publicly in the newspapers and there are some facts that the government and media don't want us to know (all puppets). I will then show the victim and the 3 potential suspects. In the film we do not learn who killed 'political correctness' it is a pointless investigation. For sticking the doughnuts on the suit I used uhu glue and spray glue on the base of the doughnuts and around them, to create a texture to glue to the suit, I then glued them to the suit using a glue gun. Because in places the doughnuts were hard to stick and wouldn't stay, I used string and threaded the doughnuts through and tied them in various places around the body. The lighting was good and the brightness of all the colours worked really well, In some of the images the lighting was too bright also the reflection of the sun, so I had to work around this. At first I acted in the outfits and I got my mother to film me, but she used the camera badly and a lot of it was out of focus, I used this as practise with the lighting, positioning and acting, I got my sister to then act in the costumes for me, I filmed her in the nephilim costume, I preferred doing this as I could direct her and control the camera and the positioning and it was in focus.

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