Last night I started attaching the latex to the costume. I didn't get a chance to finish it so I continued gluing the latex to the costume today. I have now finished this costume, left I have to glue the doughnuts on the fat costume, and start making progress on the last costume which will be the reptilian one. Im not sure whether it will be possible to use sellotape to attach it which will be quicker, but this may not be sturdy enough and I may have to glue it all, I will have to see when I do it. I plan to finish this today so that I can start filming tomorrow morning in a national park space, which has a forrest landscape, so that it will be quiet and there will be plenty of time to films and take images in. Initially I was going to get my sister to model in them but this won't be possible, so I will model them myself, and get my mother to film me, I have told her the type of shots I want and how I want it done, it won't be too complicated as I am going to be doing it as a film and I want all the action to be filmed, I think the acting is more important, to relate my story and message to the audience.

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