I went into college today and I was able to choose the space I wanted to exhibit my work in. I am showing a performance video on a tv so i thought I wanted it to be shown at eye level. I talked to the tutor and she suggested that I exhibit one of the figures also, this is something I thought about but wasn't sure if it would be possible due to possible space restrictions or if it was a bit messy as it was covered in plaster, but she assured me this would be ok. I decided then that I would and I am going to show the victim as it is the figure most important in my story. I am going to have it hanging from rope which will be attached to the wall shown as a piece of evidence from my film. I downloaded the software I will need to make the video and edit images from the adobe website. Originally I planned to video tomorrow, but I will end up videoing on wednesday I think as I haven't finished the figures yet completely. I am happy with the way the materials are working, and will photograph well as I have used various colours and tones including bright colours.

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