For this development outcome its about the new slaves drawing from research about people being under control by the government. There will be new slaves in the future but a number of sources I looked at depicted that we are slaves already, we are given the illusion of choice and freedom, but we don't have it. This makes reference subliminally to the population being governed below a certain number, and makes reference to the useless eater, and the aim to kill off these consumers. As people we are controlled and tempted to buy food and consume even things we dont want or need. In this the person is a slave to the egg. They may be oblivious to this but they are all the same. The person is trapped, the eggs tied around them and the strings representing the puppets in the government and media controlling your thoughts and actions, also making reference to the chip that will be implanted under the skin in the future that will do this. I have evidenced this using quotes from the bible.

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