Today I continued working on the final outcome. I am at a good stage. Today I finished putting the victim together, and made more latex casts with latex and left them to set, I also peeled the ones out of the casts that had already set. I set some in foil and plastic containers, this gave a different effect. I found the foil was most interesting as it imprinted the details from the latex into the foil. On the victim I had to attach the suit to the victim so it wouldn't fall of, I did this by sewing and using a glue gun to be reassured that it wouldn't fall off. Using the illuminati card game that I had bought I glued these cards onto the front of the victim to the surface of the clothes, I found I had to use a glue gun as any other glue wasn't strong enough as the suit I covered in plaster, the material was rough and wouldn't absorb the glue easily. After I had covered the front of the victim in the cards. Aesthetically, the victim appeared very colourful, and the nature of the cards made it look comical and almost like a comic strip. To the back I wanted to create a  block contrast, as the front of the victim I wanted to have as the focus. On the back of the victim I tore up pages from the bible including the satanist bible book I bought from ebay, I scattered these across the body like a collage. I felt the surface, looked too clean and smooth, so I used latex and with hand spread the latex over the surface of the victim, I think this will connect the pieces from the books together, and give a rough but controlled finish. The victim is finished. To display I want to use rope or a type of material to tie around the victims neck as if he has been hung and also tie the hands together behind his back. I used a golly face, to refer to old slaves, and peoples views or opinions that this is something in the past when parts of the world were very corrupt and it is not something that will happen again. I have referenced the old slave, but turned him into a new slave. Something people don't think will happen again, but from research which has shown it will. I am referencing history, and also the bible, satanist bible, illuminati, conspiracy theories, politics,literature. Tomorrow I plan to work on the latex figure in the afternoon. I have finished painting the useless eater figure, all I have to do is attach doughnuts to the face and body, I will either have to use a glue gun or sew it on but this shouldn't take long, and I need to finish the nephilim/alien one. Once I have completed this figures, I will be filming my silent film which I plan to have music/chanting/noise or some kind of sound in the background. I am going to film this in a forest like area inspired by Bohemian Grove, showing the victim, shadow of darkness, suspect 1, suspect 2 and suspect 3.

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