Avril Lavigne: Living Porcelain Doll

Avril Lavigne is another product of ultra-religious upbringing (baptist) who has gone onto become a corporate rock-pop Princess; the standard themes of Skull and Bones, checkerboards, pentagrams and all the rest (beyond coincidence) are plastered all over her videos/photoshoots/etc. I will not go through all her images (though I did do some tbh) and find each individual one, but here are a few and a couple of videos (at start and end) featuring this type of thing. I don't know if she's MK'd but it certainly seems that something is up, been meaning to do a picture-heavy post on her for a while. As always, please leave any additional info you have on Avril, i.e interpreting her name or other highly symbolic videos etc. in comments. Obviously in this shoot note all the dolls, one with a burning head different types of doll (I think there's a Marionette puppet in the 3rd image below); the last image (inred) is quite haunting I thought.

The below image comes from this post, of a random MCM triggered to 'freeze' (like a statue; see linked post, note glazed over/blank expression like a doll) like Avril's one above... [red shoes, doll missing an eye etc] this photo-shoot seemed so blatant I had to finally post on Avril.

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