Today I realised that the latex I had left to set was taking ages to dry and wouldn't be try in time for when I wanted to use it. Before it was in my kitchen drying and today was hot weather so I moved most of the latex outside, which dried in no time at all. I also hung up the bubble wrap covered in latex on the clothing line to dry. It dried quickly and the latex turned yellow. I really like how this has come out and it adds to the effect and I like the texture. Its for my diseased figure so I want to create odd shapes, textures and patterns. I watched Newzoids, a new television series, which is about celebries, famous figures or people in power, and it takes the mick out of them. I found it funny and a lot of the statements were harsh but true. It was interesting to watch as they were small art looking figures which were puppets, and controlled by someone else who you couldn't see also a voice was given to each person. This was interesting and entertaining to watch as I have been exploring puppets in the media and deception within the government. 

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