KKK art display at Texas competition stirs controversy

A picture of the artwork was taken at Connally High School.

Parents and school administrators are both upset. But for different reasons.

School officials say they are unhappy with the Madisonville student who the picture of the artwork because it was done so without proper explanation.

The school says students were asked to make an art rendition of something that depicted suppression of freedom of speech in history.

kkk art

Artwork displayed at a UIL competition at Connally High School in Texas

An African American Connally I.S.D student made the project out of clay after a white Connally teacher allegedly warned the student about the sensitivity of the subject.

The student was still allowed to present the art work.

That’s when a Madisonville student reportedly took a picture of the art project and showed it to her father, who then allegedly posted it online.

But Connally school officials say they stand behind the student’s work.

After contacting the concerned parent and Madisonville I.S.D., Connally I.S.D released a statement saying, “We stand by the student’s artistic choice and our instructional programs. We believe any misunderstandings have been addressed.”

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