Today was interesting, one of my neighbours told me that there was a dead fox at the back of my garden and a piece of flesh. She said it looked like the flesh could have been poisoned meat, and was letting me know as I didn't already. I have a few foxes that live around my area. I went and had a look at the fox and I had actually seen this same fox previously and the foxes in my area are brave and roam about openly all the time. The fox was positioned strangely as if it had just curled down to sleep and had died, but the fox was young and small, so I wouldn't think would be the case. It intrigued me to think of the possibilities why and how it had died. I took pictures and videos of both the dead fox and the piece of meat as I have been exploring animals in my work, I found this an interesting first hand experience, and also I had never seen a fox that close up before. I think it will help to develop my ideas and interpretations of emotions further. I had to get very close up to take photos I found that the closer up it was the more interesting and better quality of the photos that turned out, this is a good thing to keep in mind when filming for my final outcome. It will be really exciting for me I think as I haven't done a full performance video before, so it is broadening my skills and understanding of different materials and techniques. I will upload these as well as other development aspects I did today.

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