For this piece I was inspired by research that I found on the internet. I explored blood baths, masonic rituals, and blood initiations. In particular I watched a video on youtube of a radio talk show discussing whether the CIA had killed someones daughter as a warning who they felt threatened by. The radio show opened up a public discussion allowing callers to phone in and give their own opinions. One lady who phoned up was very open on her views speaking continuously about the corruption that is in society. She was stating that the radio show needed to reveal more of the truth, she felt that they were keeping some facts back, that they needed to be more open in what they were saying as they were holding back, they were worried about the danger they would cause to themselves and others. She was talking about contentious issues including blood baths and the host of the radio show did not want to hear it and became short tempered and made out that the woman was rude as she wouldn't stop talking of these views she had, they cut her off the show. This is what inspired me mostly. For the outcome I produced I used a rams head that I found on the moors, wire for the body, also tools I found in my shed at home including a small rake and metal pole. I wanted to create a hybrid figure in this bath to explore these views of such rituals existing but being avoided by media and presidents/people in power when they are confronted. I wanted to show and expose what happens around us by public figures we all know but are oblivious of all their actions. I created a hostile and disturbed environment. I drew visual inspiration for imagery of music videos including Eminem where they are part of such things, Eminem sits in a bath of blood, the video is disturbing as well as the lyrics. I wanted to show the sacrificial procedure as well as ideas that you cannot trust anyone, and people can turn on you in an instant. In the bible references to wealth, including speaking of how it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, encouraging people to give their wealth to the poor and they will have riches in heaven, also including how a man took all his inheritance, left his home, his family, because he was rich many people wanted to be his friend and he unwisely spent it all away aimlessly, when he was left poor, all these people didn't want to be his friend anymore. The world is a cruel place, and I wanted to show this type of thing happening but referring to the elite. People who appear to be respected, if they do not cooperate with what the higher power want they are threatened or silenced. I wanted to show and explore these issues in something that was valued by the illuminati, exploring bohemian grove. I took several videos including before the initiation, during, after and the aftermath. To illustrate in form of a story. I took a lot of pictures also experimenting with the angle, placing and lighting. I found as I was taking pictures with the figure in the bath, the bath was often an obstruction, I had to work around this, in some photos I had to stand on the surface of the bath or when I wanted to take pictures low down I would lower the camera but wouldn't be able to see what I was taking so a few pictures came out blurry or not angled correctly. I liked how the images appeared when I took them from behind the reptilian human that I created, I could see the back of the head, the body and the water running and turning into blood, which reminded me of biblical references. To create the blood water and by turning the clear water into blood I used tomato ketchup, tin of chopped tomatoes and red food colouring. I videoed this procedure also. When I released the water pieces of chopped tomato was left in the bath I really liked this effect and it looked strange.

© Ruth Zoe Andreas, all rights reserved