Today I am going to be working at csm. I am going to take in my laptop and work on my workflow, documenting and evaluating work, and uploading videos. I tried to upload videos previously to workflow but the files weren’t compatible so I have exported them and saved them as a file that is compatible. I will be uploading them to youtube and then sharing them on my reflective journal page. I have done a lot of videos so far, as experimental pieces. A few of the pieces I forgot to evaluate on workflow, so I will go back to this today and evaluate them.

I went to college, I couldn't see anyone in and the studios were empty. I wasn't sure whether we were being registered somewhere else. I saw someone in foundation who said we didn't have to register for these two weeks and we were either working at archway or kings cross. However it wasn't a waisted journey, I managed to buy a sketchbook and I bought modelling clay I thought it would be interesting to model out the figures and the ideas I had for my final piece, that it would give me a better understanding. On the journey on the train I wrote evaluations of art development that I could transfer to workflow later when I had access to the internet. I also read through an art critique magazine. I was reading one of the artists concepts which was about the sexualisation in society, and spoke about this relatively. I read this concept and thought... yes but what is your outcome? The artist hadn't stated any beliefs towards this idea, I thought what is the point of coming up with this art piece, all it tells me is that their is sexualisation surrounding us, many people already know this, you don't have to be clever to know this. I thought but what have I learnt, what have they told me that I didn't already know. I didn't think the concept was valuable. I have been sticking in work pictures, research and ideas in my sketchbook, I have got all my materials I need to start developing them further ready for videoing.

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